Labor Day: Salute the extraordinary people in the ordinary post
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In this world,

There are thousands of ordinary people's stories on stage every day

They live in all walks of life,

Some in front of the stage, some behind the scenes,

Some we often see,

Some of them have not attracted our attention.

In this group of ordinary and extraordinary people,

There are him, me and you who are looking at the screen at this moment.


Everyone who work hard in every post

As a truck driver of Jiangsu SXT

Driving tens of thousands of miles to bring fresh herbs

They use their cars to draw the outline of every city

Trying to make the world smaller


As the discharger of Jiangsu SXT

They have tasted exhaustion

They are recognized by everyone for their simple work



As an employee of Jiangsu SXT packaging workshop

They pack thousands of products every day

Spare no efforts


As a doctor of SXT Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital 

They guard

Health of the whole city

Work overtime from time to time

Just for the happiness of thousands of families


As a traditional Chinese medicine coordinator in SXT Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital 

They cannot make little mistakes

They must be conscientious and do their best

Their excellent skills are from the deployment of traditional Chinese medicine over the years


As an ambulance driver in SXT Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital 

They know better than anyone

They have to stick to their jobs in the darkest night 


Labor Day is coming,

SXT salutes all the workers who stand their ground

and the extraordinary you in the ordinary post,

May your dreams can be got closer throug your struggle!