SanQiFen (powders)

SanQiFen (powders)

【Trade Name】SanQiFen (powders) 

【Origin】Dry roots and rhizomes of Panax notoginseng (Burk.) F. H. Chen. 

【Description】Pale yellow powders.

【Indications】coronary heart disease; angina; hyperlipidemia; hemorrhage (bleeding); hepatobiliary diseases;

intractable headache; cancer.

【Dosage and Administration】3g per adult orally, 2 times daily; 1g per child orally, 2 times daily; spreading on

bleedings topically.

【Precautions】Administrated cautiously for pregnant women. 

【Packages】Box containing 10 bags with 3g each.

【Storage】Store in cool and dry place, mothproofing.

【Validity】36 months.

【Executive Standards】[Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China] Part I and Part IV

【Bioactive Constituent Studies】1. Ginsenoside and sanchinoside compounds:


2. Others: dencichine, flavonoids, amino acids, etc.

【Pharmacological Studies】1. Protecting cardiovascular and cerebralvascular systems; 

2. Myocardial ischemia, and brain injury protection; 

3. Antiarrhythmia; 

4. lowering blood pressure; 

5. Antioxidant, antifatigue, anti-aging; 

6. Enhance the vitality of the body;

7. Anticancer; 

8. Cosmetic activity. 

【Other Studies】

  1. 1.Aqueous exact studies:


  2. 2. Stability studies: