JueMingZi (powders)

JueMingZi (powders)

【Trade Name】JueMingZii (powders)

【Origin】Dry seeds of Cassia obtusifolia L. or Cassia tora L.

【Description】Yellowish-brown, powders.

【Indications】 High blood pressureHyperlipidemiaCerebrovascular diseasesConstipationMastitis; Ophthalmologic diseases.

【Dosage and Administration】6g per adult, 2 times daily. Filling the attached teabag with the powders,then applying and taking as tea.

【Packages】Box containing 10 bag with 6g.

【Storage】Store in dry place.

【Validity】36 months.

【Executive Standards】[Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China] Part I and IV

【Bioactive Constituent Studies】



2Phenylpropyl pyrrolidone and glycosides;  

3Fatty acid esters, etc.

【Pharmacological Studies】 

1. Lowering diastolic and systolic blood pressure;

2.Reducing total cholesterol, triglycerides and low density lipoprotein cholesterol;

3.Softening blood vessels and reducing blood viscosity;

4. Protecting eyes;



【Other Studies】

1. Aqueous exact studies:

(1) The amount of aqueous exacts (at 37 oC) for the product could be increased by 15%;

(2) The amount of chrysophanol (C15H10O4) and aurantio-obtusin (C17H14O7)in the aqueous exacts of the product could be improved by 10%;

(3) The HPLC profiles of the product were identical with origin.

2. Stability study: This study indicated that the product validity could reach more than 60 months.