ShaRen (powders)

ShaRen (powders)

【Trade Name】Sharen (powders)

【Origin】Dry fruits of Amomum villosum Lour. or Amomum villosum Lour. var. xanthioides T. L. Wu et Senjen or  Amomum longiligulare T. L. Wu.

【Description】Grayish brown, powders.

【Indications】 Gastric and duodenal ulcer, enteritidisPediatrics abdominal pain and chronic diarrheaIrritable bowel syndrome; Threatened abortion; Chronic renal failure, glomerulonephritis; Kidney stones; AsthmaChronic myeloid leukemia, malignant lymphoma.

【Dosage and Administration】3g per adult, 2 times daily. Filling the attached teabag with the powders,then applying and taking as tea.

【Packages】Box containing 10 bag with 3g.

【Storage】Store in cool and dry place.

【Validity】36 months.

【Executive Standards】[Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China] Part I and IV

【Bioactive Constituent Studies】

1Volatile oils and flavonoids:  


2Saponins and organic acids.  

【Pharmacological Studies】 

1. Improving bowel transit constipation; 

2. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial;

3. Promoting bile secretion;

4. Analgesics;


6. Inhibiting platelet aggregation; 

7.Expectorant, and antiasthetic.

【Other Studies】

1. Aqueous exact studies:

(1) The amount of aqueous exacts (at 37 oC) for the product could be increased by 10%;

(2) The amount of volatile oils in the aqueous exacts of the product could be improved by 20%;

(3) The HPLC profiles of the product were identical with origin.

2. Stability study: This study indicated that the product validity could reach more than 60 months.