ChuanBeiMu (powders)

ChuanBeiMu (powders)

【Trade Name】ChuanBeiMu (powders) 

【origin】Dry bulbus of Fritilaria cirrhosa D.Don, F. unibracteata Hsiao et K.C.Hsia, or F. przezvalskii Maxim.

F. delavayi Franch, F.taipaiensis P.Y.Li, or F. unibracteata Hsiao et K.C.Hsiavan wa.buensis(Y.Tang et S.C.Yue) Z.D.Liu,S.Wang et S.C.Chen

【Description】Class white to light yellow, powders.

【Indications】Children with chronic irritating cough; Difficult expectoration, throat sore and dumb; Acute or chronic

bronchitis; Dry cough; Epilepsy; Mastitis; hypertension. 

【Dosage and Administration】1g per adult orally, 3 times daily; 0.5g per child orally, 3 times daily; 

【Precautions】 Not administrated with TCM Chuanwu, Caowu, or Fuzi. 

【Packages】Box containing 1 bags with 3g.

【Storage】Store in ventilated and dry place, mothproofing.

【Validity】36 months.

【Executive Standards】[Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China] Part I and Part IV

【Bioactive Constituent Studies】1. Alkaloid compounds:


 2. Others: sterols, nucleosides, etc.

【Pharmacological Studies】1. Tracheal smooth muscle relaxation; 

2. Antiasthetic, antitussive, expectorant action;

3. Inhibiting platelet aggregation induced by platelet activating factor (PAF); 

4. Slowing gastrointestinal creep; 

5. Against gastric ulcer;

6. Sedative action; 

7. Antibacterial activity.

【Other Studies】

  1. 1.Aqueous exact studies:



2. Stability studies: